Getting on with the fun


How annoying. I wrote quite a profound first blog post and my computer decided to freeze on me.

Well actually it was not very profound at all, just more along the lines of:

– Sorted my blog so ready to write down my ideas and thoughts and put them into one place

– I am going to try to not get too stressed out at making things perfect on here as that is not really what my blog should be about.

– I am writing this with an aim to become broader in my thinking and to develop a better understanding of everything around me  and also to share my ideas and borrow other people’s for help.

– The creative industry is fun and full of interesting people and something I definitely want to be a part of.

– With the creative business there is usually not one correct answer to doing things, but the people in the industry constantly learn and discover and share their ideas and are always curious people. People like this inspire me.

I was inspired to start this blog after reading one of Russell Davies’ most popular blog posts on how to be interesting. His blog is always full of insights and is probably one of my favourites.


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