Peter Doig

Was really pleased to see that Peter Doig won the Visual Arts award at the South Bank Show Awards last night.  I went to this exhibition at the Tate Britain last year and thought his work was pretty good.

I am glad that he won because it reminded me of how good the exhibition was and also made me realise that you forget about some really good work that you see sometimes. I remember thinking his work was dream-like particularly the snow paintings.

His technique of painting made his works seem like they were constantly moving and depicted some really beautiful scenes inspired by photographs he had taken which were then transformed into large eerie paintings.  ‘Blotters’ below  makes me feel like I am catching a glimpse of a scene which is almost not really there, as if I have discovered an unknown passage in a woods. Magical, beautiful and also depict a loneliness about them.

Blotter 1993


5 thoughts on “Peter Doig

  1. Peter Doig’s work is beautiful. Have you looked at Daniel Richter’s work? They use a similar colour pallete and are seemingly similar in content……/fast-trave

  2. I think he is supposed to be looking at his reflection. Interestingly enough a writer for the Times today discusses this painting an as an appreciation of our snowy weather today. The boy in the painting is actually Doig’s brother and I liked her analysis,

    “The paint starts to float. Sometimes it feels almost repellent. It has a sour, sickly sheen. And you start drifting. You feel as if you are lost in some semi-detached world….” (Rachel Campbell-Johnston)

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