A good presentation to look at

I have been reading blogs for a while now, blogs of the people that have made me want to write a blog and made me realise exactly what I want to do.  I have found by being able to read their thoughts and ideas pretty valuable and helpful. I liked the idea of this presentation by Neil Perkin. He wanted to create a presentation on community and the meaning of  ‘community’ so he asked the people around him on the web to each send a slide to him on their idea of what community was.

I am going to post it here as the people that may be reading my blog at the minute will probably not have come across this presentation but I think it is worth sharing.

This blog is going to become very useful in collecting ideas and putting them in one place as at the moment I have bits of paper everywhere.

Oh but I do have my white board which I just bought from ebay too ….



4 thoughts on “A good presentation to look at

  1. White board is a good idea – IDEAS ON THE WALL – I expect you’ll find yourself having to get up at night and write them up before you forget them between sleeps…

  2. Great images and text in the presentation, too much to take in really, where did you find him? One minute I thought,”yes, that’s absolutely right” the next I thought they were all just deluded and in their own little media environments feeding their own beliefs in themselves like a really narrow religious group of ad/media men. But then I was thinking about the on-line communities I have used for my job and for sport, diet and fitness stuff and I have, in fact, learnt a lot and contributed posts in response to others and got good feedback so maybe things are really changing in communications media.

  3. I only just came across that Neil Perkin presentation as well, interesting stuff. Looking forward to seeing more of your interesting finds, thanks for the follow on twitter 🙂

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