Street Dares

I agree with Amelia that it must be extremely difficult to get a message across to an audience who probably do not really want to know. Demanding a teenager’s attention to listen can be an almost impossible task.

I think this work this is really good. For a start, it is something which all people whether young or old have witnessed or experienced.

Whether it is something one has experienced walking down the street sober, trying to get away from the drunken idiots trying not to feel intimidated by people that are probably younger anyway or whether it is something you cringe about when you wake up having done something like this yourself…

Either way it works. It made me feel a bit horrid about alcohol and what it turns people into.


One thought on “Street Dares

  1. They must have been researching this while I was working flyering for Tiger Tiger in Cardiff! I really love this whole campaign. The way it complements the last series of ads, and the way they complimented the ‘units’ ones aimed at an older audience running at the same time, it’s really strong.

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