Move over Nike+, it’s time to get some street cred this weekend

Not satisfied with the success of Nike+, Nike has created NikeGRID for those who don’t own an iphone or Nike+ trainers. Nike continually think like a challenger and they have created an exciting new game.

Street running has just got better with NikeGRID. The grid is in fact London – North, South, East and West. The idea is to select your postcode zone and run between telephone boxes within your zone punching in your code (which Nike give you when you register on their site) each time you hit a telephone box.

For each phone box you run to, you win points. If you are street wise enough you may be rewarded a badge for speed, stamina and insider street knowledge.

Love the idea of ditching the iphone or other Nike+ gear for an old iconic London telephone box and just pelting it round your ‘hood’

You have 24 hour to conquer the streets. Location based gaming just got better.

I feel like I should get a grey hoody and joggers out for this one to look street wise. Can’t wait. It is in my flat mate’s words AWESOME.


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