Ich bin ein Berliner

I know that sometimes it is great being alone and having head space to be in your own thoughts. But those alone moments are only bliss because you compare them to when you are busy and life is manic.

If you don’t have people around you, things seem pointless and get a bit depressing. I think that is why I love Berlin so much. It always seems to amaze me every time I go. I love the city – the food, the culture, the sights but more than that the people there are brilliant.

The more I go the more I realise how different I feel being there. I think it might be because I am in ‘holiday’ mode but I am so much more relaxed and more easy going. Because of this, when I went with my close friends we met a lot of people from different backgrounds and laughed most of the day.

My friends and I made a pact to be in London but look at it through a Berlin mode lens. I have started to do that since I have got back and I already feel better (and am already in the process of planning my next trip!)

Berlin thrives on tourism. Tourism in Berlin contributes around 7 percent of GDP. In New York, it’s around 3.5 percent. Many people would be surprised at this but I can totally understand why it is still such a popular place.


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