What’s happening in 2013?

Creativity Fluid

The surgical attachment to our phones isn’t going anywhere
A brand trying to reaching people who are stuck to their mobiles 24/7 is quite tricky – it has to be a really compelling offer for us to take any notice

Choose your channels wisely
There are no set platforms any more – delivering messages is harder and constantly evolving as new tech emerges. That said the emotive nature and scale of TV and cinema is not going anywhere yet. Our viewing behaviour is changing which means opportunities with VOD will keep going up.

Simple, beautiful stories
Story telling is still important but with the fragmentation of media they must be Simple and beautiful

Beware for content puke!
We will see a rise in urban spam – content everywhere, on every screen demanding out attention. If it is good is may get a glimpse but most will be largely ignored. Being relevant, entertaining or useful is crucial to cut through

Mobile and the shopper experience
Shopper marketing will get interesting with the data and mobile advances to get clever and interrupt people’s journeys in store

You snooze you lose
Brands that don’t react to the speed of culture will die. Brands that keep moving, keep adapting, are nimble and flexible and do things quickly will survive.

If adland had a to do list for 2013 it would be:

#1 Educate and inspire clients to demonstrate digital can be at the core of an idea (not just matching luggage)
#2 Employ more makers in an agency
#3 Make user journeys and brand experiences simple to follow
#4 Be quicker – react fast
#5 Do one brave thing for your client


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