This image felt relevant for the type of mood I am feeling. A little dreamy, a little uncertain yet happy at the same time. Things are going to change next week. We are moving to Charlotte Street to work as the digital department at Saatchi & Saatchi. So Outside Line will be saying goodbye to Exmouth Market and hello to a new area with a new name. It is a bit like starting a new job again but not quite as daunting as the position remains largely the same and you move in a big clump rather than on your own.

It should be good. I have been working with them for a while now on some projects and they all seem like a lovely bunch. Merging companies can always be a bit weird at first and I am sure there will be very good things happening and more uncomfortable things to get through too. But that is change I suppose.

Last week I hosted a presentation with two other members from the agency called 5×5. These sessions are to inspire the agency on all the new and interesting things which are taking place in the world of marketing, technology and people’s lives and hopefully be used as a creative reference for the agency.

We are going to record all our references on a dedicated tumblr here to try to be of use to those that couldn’t make it.

The first one went well, I shall post some of the things that I spoke about on here too but in a bit more detail soon. It was nice to stare out at my new work colleagues thinking I haven’t a clue who you are yet but you all seem quite nice. I wonder who I will get along with, who I might just pass in the corridor and hardly ever speak to just smile when I see them, who I will speak to whilst making my tea and doing silly dances around the fridge to get the milk out which has just been put away, who I will spend long hours with in meetings. I wonder if anyone will really annoy me or more importantly if anyone will make me change my mind and perception on things. Whatever the future holds I am looking forward to it.


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