YouTube Film Hack

I recently got involved in the YouTube film hack which you can read about here. It was a pretty good opportunity to meet other agencies, play around with the platform and answer a meaningful brief. The brief was to raise awareness of the Migraine Trust and all the great work they have been doing whilst trying to educate everyone about the serious effect migraines can cause in sufferers’ lives. I was pretty shocked when I found out migraines have more economic impact than heart disease – yet there is still so much stigma attached to a migraine as being ‘just a headache’.

Our team were really pleased to win! Here is the final video:

(Note: we were judged on our skippable pre-roll i.e. how could we try and encourage as many people to not skip as well as the film itself)

The Pre-roll

The film itself

And here’s the ‘making of’ film


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